A Year of Hell

Okay, so the title may be a little dramatic. But what I am describing in this blog post is mine and Georgias year of saving for our trip.

Now one thing that annoyed me more than the actual saving itself was the lack of information on the internet that demonstrates how much money to take. After countless mundane Sunday afternoons of scrolling up and down Wikihow pages I decided to figure out a way of building my own predictions of how much mullah to have sitting in my bank account.

It didn’t take too long to figure out 3 simple methods to initiate my predictions, so;

  • 1. Talk to people who have been where you’re going.

(Well Duh) you may be saying, but what I mean is REALLY talk to people. Unlike our grandparents generation, people do go travelling in 2016, so it’s not hard to find and communicate with people who share a common interest in exploring the world. I have been lucky that my sister has toured South East Asia and India, we have had detailed conversations about bus costs in Thailand, what a pillow and a roof will cost you in Vietnam and the cost of filling your belly with delicious cuisine in Malaysia. So many people who have asked me about my travels ask ‘How much were the flights’. That’s not important. To find out the cost of a flight you visit Skyscanner and click 3 buttons, it’s superficial  information. I spent this afternoon talking to a friend of a friend on Facebook who is currently staying in Toronto, after our chat I now know that Casa Loma is a fairly cheap and good landmark to visit, that Mother Dumplings is the best restaurant in Kensington Market and that if I want to see an Ice Hockey game I should watch the Marlies (Maple Leafs B team) which is considerably less expensive.

  • 2. Visit Numbeo

Numbeo is great. It is a cost of living comparison site that offers detailed information about the price differences between your hometown and where you’re staying. It lists essential comparisons between meals, food, taxi tariffs, water, cigarettes and most importantly, beer.

With this data, ideas blossom in your head about how much of your hard earned money to allocate to each location, as prices for living does vary. An example comparing Bristol to Tokyo is a lot different than Bristol to Kuala Lumpur. I now know after comparing the two that I can afford to eat in a decent restaurant in KL, but would be smart to stick to the delicious street food in Tokyos food markets.

  • 3. Visit other useful blogs

This is similar to my first bullet point but may be more what your looking for if you want it to be precise and specific. Looking at other peoples travel adventures also gives you inspiration and ideas about what you should do to make your journey something to remember for the rest of your life.

In this  blog on Japan I can easily assess in quite fine detail how much Yen should be in my bumbag whilst walking the gardens of Kyoto in cherry blossom season.

Furthermore, it is critical for anyone going travelling to read through the fantastic Seat 61 website, where although the layout is not the most user friendly, the information provided is second to none in being the most helpful source of information on the internet regarding moving from A to B.


So, there it goes that is how I managed to assess how much money I would need for my 8 month round the world trip. Below is a downloadable PDF of the places I am visiting and how much money I have allocated to each location shared between me and Georgia based on the tools I used above.

Travel Budget J and G

Note: ‘The Dragon Trip is a 25 day trip around China organsed by STA, where the accommodation, travel and attractions have already been paid for, which is why the budget is so low, and whilst in Malaysia I will be working at a Holiday Resort which will in turn reduce the amount of money I will need to spend.





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