A Valentines Day to remember 

The most British thing to talk about in the world is the weather. So to conform to the stereotype…it was -3 degrees when we woke up, but according to my Apple weather app it feels like -9, which it definitely did. 

We had a really easy going morning, eating fruit porridge and drinking black coffee until about 11am. We walked, in the snow to the Kremlin along ul. volkhonka street ( about 10 minutes away). Entering the the ticket office we purchased a 500 ruble pass (£4.70) to the main attractions within the Kremlin. There were an array of attractions to visit, we admired; the great Kremlin palace, the trinity tower, the armoury tower, the Tsar bell and cannon, the assumption cathedral, the annunciation cathedral (where Ivan the Terrible is buried) and the Patriarchs palace and the twelve apostles church. 

After exiting the palace, we turned left and admired the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, a travelling highlight for us both. 

At this point the snow began to fall heavily so we headed for a coffee before entering the red square. Gasping in complete awe we were drawn to the beauty of the buildings that were situated in the heart of Moscow. 

We visited the world famous GUM department store, a more impressive mirage of Harrods in London and a fantastic Christmas market which expressed the Orthodox side of modern Russia with an abundance of market stalls and stage performances for children.

A short stroll away was the iconic and internationally recognised St Basil’s Cathedral, a privilege to witness both inside and out. We were charged 100 ruble (90p) after showing our ISIC youth discount card and wandered the beautifully kept masterpiece of the Cathedral.


A one mile walk away we found the Lubyanka area of Central Moscow where the Detsky Mir Department Store otherwise known as the Children’s World Department Store is. An epicentre of infinite fun. Built in to the store was one of the biggest Hamleys in the world. We spent a good hour playing on a variety of different games and attractions. We had a ball.


Strolling back towards the Kremlin we thought we might aswell visit the State History Museum. Again after using our ISIC youth card the cost was only 100 ruble (90p) to enter. The museum boasted a vast hoard of ancient and archaic artefact, from weaponry and tribal Jewelery to carriages and religious monuments. It was breathtakingly overwhelming to take in and left us feeling the beauty and depth of humanity and its capability to create inspirational, intimate masterpieces.  

What I haven’t  mentioned is all of the different bars and pubs we visited along the way. Before I left I was anxious of the apparent high cost of living in Moscow, but after experiencing it first hand it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the cheapest capital cities I have been to. Today I had lunch and dinner out, had 4 alcoholic drinks, saw 3 top attractions and used the metro and only spent £28.  Bargain. 


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