A day of Sovietism 

Thankfully we woke up to a less bitter morning in Moscow today. With the chances of obtaining first degree frost bite unlikely we jumbled our stuff together and headed out with a spring in our step. 

Monday in Russia, like most other European cities is Britains equivalent to a Sunday. A day of rest where the majority of attractions, museums and tourist hot spots are closed to the public. So today was a good day for us to check out some of the captivating interests Moscow had to offer in the great outdoors. 

We walked around the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and strolled across Luzhkov Bridge and along the bank we entered Muzeon Art Park. Like fish to its bait we gleefully scrutinised the handsome sculptures of influential monuments dedicated to the comrades who inspired militarily, scientifically, poetically, politically and artisticly through the Soviet Regeime. Subsequent to having the best coffee to date on our travels at a little wooden shack in the middle of the park we bestowed upon the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments, where the likes of Stalin, Lenin even St George were appreciated in the form of granite stature.

After slipping and sliding around on the ice like a couple of Bambis our bellys began to rumble, so we U turned back the way we came from to go to Old Arbat for some lunch, and it couldn’t of been a better decision.

Low and behold we saw glistening in the distance like an indeterminate hallucination, a Krusty Krab. Not being able to resist the temptation, we gorged in true Patrick Starfish fashion on the delicious Krabby Pattys that were on offer. Now I must stress to you that me and Georgia are not the buying souvenirs type. However…we unopposedly bought a fridge magnet to forever remind us of our  nostalgic experience of eating at the KK.

We hopped on the Metro at Arbatskaya and exited Kuznetsky Most where around the corner was the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines.

 The admission fee was 450 ruble (about £4) and we were given a little wrap of about 20 coins that were used in Soviet Russia to use to play on the intermixture of arcade games. The majority of the games were submarine, shooting and hunting orientated but there were some also really fun racing, ice hockey and space ball games to play aswell.

After a couple of hours in retro gaming heaven we were given the opportunity (for free) by one of the girls at the desk to try some Soviet syrup drink. The contraption acted as a vending machine that dispersed the most nuclear, toxic looking elixir ever. It was great. 

Whilst in the Lubyanka area we walked towards the Bolshoi theatre. An internationally known arena that displays the countries finest performances. The tickets are roughly £50 per head so being the budget travellers we are we decided to avoid seeing a show and instead admired the view from the outside.

By now it is about 5pm, to be honest we were knackered. It has been exactly one week since we left England it feels like we haven’t stopped. So on the  way back to our hostel we stopped off at our local supermarket (mental note to remember to find out what it is called) to get some ingredients to cook a homemade dinner. We wanted a vegetable rich dinner so we made a pasta with sauce consisting of; garlic, mushrooms, pepper, tomatoes, dill, oregano, carrot and basil. Georgia did a great job cooking the meal and I did a mediocre job of washing it all up. 

Still feeling shattered we decided to stay in tonight and re charge our batteries, metaphorically, but also our Go Pro and LUMIX batteries. Also on our agenda for tonight is washing our sweaty socks in the sink, shaving (and cutting) my face with a skimpy 2 blade razor and tidying my bunk bed.

Today has been a great day and one of my favourites. I am looking forward to a good nights sleep and waking up tomorrow for another fun day out!


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