Happy Valley

I’ll start off with last night. After the whole mishap the same afternoon we were feeling better! Previously in Beijing we had only eat dinner at the hostel, which served a combination of Chinese and Western food. Instead we decided to venture out a bit further this time and look for something a bit unique. We wandered along a main road I am unsure of the name and stumbled across a busy restaurant. Always a good sign. We were greeted quite hastily, almost as if our arrival caught them off guard. We sat down and had 5 people stood looking over us, whilst we tried to examine the menu to order something that we thought we might like. Georgia played it safe and ordered egg fried rice. I went for something called Ma Tofu. Sounded alright, no meat, no worry. When it came out I tried to look as if I was excited to eat it, but in reality it looked like Morissons cat food. It didn’t smell great either. Luckily it tasted better than how I’ve described it and the plate was left clean. Whilst all this was happening all of the chefs in the kitchen were taking pictures of us on the sly. Until one of the muppets left his flash on which caused a panic of embarrassment. It was the first time we had pictures taken of us, we sort of felt like we were famous and lapped it up. We were saying if you want a picture come over and get one don’t be shy, and this point we were a few beers down though. We ended the night quite early, still feeling a bit jetlagged.

Today the sun shined bright as we woke up at about 10am. It’s been so nice waking up late after spending the past 3 years waking up before 7am each morning. It seemed right that today we would utilise the sun and spend a day at a theme park. We went to Happy Valley, Beijings favourite amusement and scenic area. 

Tickets to enter were 200 Yuan, which is approximately £20, which is very expensive for China. It didn’t seem bad us paying this until Georgia got out a 100 Yuan note and it literally ripping it in half, we came to the conclusion it was fake and it was no use to anybody now! Ce la vie.

The park itself was absolutely ginormous, we had been walking around doing different things for a good hour and a half and then we looked at a map and realised we hadn’t even seen the tip of the iceberg. With any park there were roller coasters, 4D and 6D rides, performances, shows, haunted houses, you name it, Happy Valley had it. The best thing was though the park was virtually empty. No queuing for anything and limitless access to all of the rides. 

 The thing that got me was Georgia has always said throughout our relationship about how much she loves roller coasters and what not. I have never seen anyone so terrified in my life. The haunted house was actually quite terrifying, I take no pride in admitting that I hid and followed a teenage Chinese couple the whole way round. At least I didn’t scream ‘I wish we never came here’ like Georgia did though.

Whilst I’m on the point of taking the mick out of Georgia, I may aswell let everyone know how well her chop stick skills are going;

After a good 5-6 hours we had run out of amusement and decided to make the journey home. The temperature drops really rapidly here and soon enough we were freezing cold.


 One thing I haven’t mentioned actually is how easy it is to use the Metro in Beijing. Since the Olympics in 2008 here most signs, street names and directions are written in English aswell as Chinese. A lot easier to navigate than around Moscow where everything was in Russian and Russian only. Something really cool they do aswell is when you’re actually travelling on the carriage on the metro if you look outside the window there at thousands of televisions showing adverts lined up in a row. So even when you’re travelling at 60mph or however fast the train goes it looks like one smooth motion of picture!


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