Not just a stop-over

Hong Kong seems to have a reputation for being a tourists short lived stop over or the gateway to Asia for further travel. Initially we had plans to only spend two days in Hong Kong but changed our minds last minute to spend less time in Guangzhou and more time here, and I’m glad we did. We’re actually now spending a week here, which seems like more than enough time to explore a city but two days in I’m not sure it’s enough. I wanted in this post to elaborate on the highlights of Hong Kong, of what I have personally experienced as the ‘best’ parts in the two days I have been here. The reason for this is because most people I know and have spoken to usually do spend a more limited amount of time here compared to other cities or countries. So here it goes, I’m splitting the two days into the two most famous islands; Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Day 1: Hong Kong

  • Happy Valley Racecourse – Only open on a Wednesday with a £1 entrance fee, we saw the magnificent atmosphere of a gamblers heaven on our first night in HK, a must visit even if you’re not into betting, as the  bars and restaurants are more than enticing whilst watching the track.


  • Victoria Park – We are staying in the North Point area so Victoria Park is not too far away. With flower shows, state of the art sports facilities and relaxing places to sit and admire the view you can easily spend a sunny afternoon here.


  • Causeway Bay – the area where the Times Square is situated, teeming with upmarket shops, plazas and a sea of flashing lights, perfect for shopping fanatics.
  • Admiralty – if you’re into your modern architecture it’s definitely worth checking out the skyscrapers of Hong Kong up close to see the likes of the HSBC building, one and two financial towers and the Bank of China building.
  • Hong Kong Park – a paradise in the middle of the financial district. Like the pearl in a clam Hong Kong Park has aviarys, vantage point towers, a butterfly conservatory, tai chi courts, a museum and arts centre plus many more attractions. Allow 3 hours + on a warm summers day.


  • Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens – near to Hong Kong park, this free attraction has a wide range of animals for you to admire including gibbons, lemurs and flamingos. My favourite are the Siamang monkeys. The gardens are dedicated to the Chinese men who sacrificed their lives for the allies during World War 2.


  • Kowloon Skyline – Walking across the harbour you are able to see the Kowloon skyline with its majestic buildings standing as tall as the mountains. 

I don’t recommend this route if you’re not staying in North Point but me and Georgia took this route and managed to see all the sites in the above itinerary (except Happy Valley which we saw separately the night before.) The walk is 6km in length and began at our hostel and ended and at the Zoological gardens, it took around 2 hours and we also walked back!

Day Two: Kowloon

  • Tung Choi Street Market & Ladies Market- This is the best flea market me and Georgia have been to since we began travelling. From fake watches to Supreme Hoodys to 6 fake Mulberry purses for £9 to a Ralph Lauren Polo for £1. We both wish we had room in our suitcase to buy some stuff here, if you’re coming for the weekend, bring an empty suitcase.


  • Nathan Road – notably Kowloons most famous road, a gigantic stretch of shops and restaurants, from the posh to the bizarre.


  • Kowloon Park – maybe not as great as the parks on HK island but well worth checking out if you’re needing an escape from the hustle and bustle of Nathan Road.


  • Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade – perfect for strolling adjacent to the river, looking over Hong Kong. Some really varied and interesting places to eat and drink on the road opposite aswell.


  • Chungking Mansion – virtually a ghetto, rammed full of hostels, Indian and Asian eateries and blokes trying to sell you fake rolexs and hash. Not for the faint hearted I would say, but worth checking out if you manage to get through the hoard of floggers.
  • Hong Kong Skyline and the symphony of lights and music show – a mesmerising end to a wonderful day. The show starts at 8pm and lasts for 15 minutes. A great clash of bright lights and fun music that are mixed together perfectly for some breathtaking entertainment.

 I feel like we haven’t even dented the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visiting Hong Kong. It feels like I have done so much but so little at the same time. I’m ecstatic to be spending the next 5 days here exploring every nook and cranny of this glorious area of Asia. 

In addition can we all just appreciate how funny Georgia looks after the ice cream she chose was a flavour she didn’t like:



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