A rainy week in Hong Kong 

Unfortunately the weather has not been good enough to us for me and  Georgia to explore any of Hong Kongs famous Islands like Lamma or Lantau, neither it’s beaches in Shek O or small fishing villages like Tai O. It has pretty much rained non stop for the past 5 days and even a 2 minute walk has the potential to get you soaked, so instead of being battered by wind and rain all day on the more scenic and remote islands, we decided to be battered by wind and rain in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Here are some more activities we have done and the ones we would recommend..

  • Hollywood Road – a hipsters paradise – a place where foreign businessmens 20 somethings year old kids live. A haven of extortinetly expensive coffee shops/cocktail bars etc with a side dish of pompous art galleries. Trying to be something it’s not, but still worth a visit.


  • Man Mo Temple – along Hollywood Road this temple is dedicated to the worship of the gods of literature and martial arts. A small venue with dozens of spiralling incense sticks. Locals flock here daily to pray.


  • Cat street market – quite a unique market, selling a hoard of old movie posters, communist manifestos and war memorabilia, it is worth walking to this market from ladder street which is very easy on the eye to walk down.


  • Lan Kwai Fong – if you have money when visiting HK then definitely party in Lan Kwai Fong. If you don’t have at least £250-£400 to spend on a night out then avoid. Mediocre looking bars and clubs with ridiculously priced entry fees, something for the rich and famous or for someone on a weekend holiday to Hong Kong.
  • Nan Lian Garden – a majestic and Japanese influenced park, inspiring to walk around with some really good cafes and restaurants within the grounds too.


  • Chi Lin Nunnery – close to Nan Lian Garden, this Buddhist nunnery is immaculate in beauty, hypnotising and trandencental with soft mantras playing from the speakers and the distinct smell of incense floating through the air.


  • Kowloon walled city park – if your in Kowloon city getting a bite to eat it is worth going to this park to get a breather, there are loads of local sports teams playing matches or practising nearby.
  • Temple street night market – Hong Kongs most famous market, a treat for shopaholics with masses of fake designer clobber. If shoppings not your thing then sit down at a local shop and enjoy a local beer with some street food. 


  • Lockhart Road – Expat city. A mile long road of British pubs and bars called things like ‘The Queen Victoria’ and ‘Churchills’. A good place to watch sports, meet other travellers and get merry. Very entertaining to watch old British blokes being chatted up by the ladies of the night. 


So quite a short post I know. Time is of the essence today. Me and Georgia have got a few things to sort out before our Dragon Trip begins on Wednesday!


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