Sallys Village

So the other day we went to visit our tour group leaders village. We took a very sketchy half an hour bus ride to the drop off point and walked a short distance to the gate. The village once a sleepy, quiet little place is now a bustling tourist hotspot, with the Karst mountains surrounding the area people flock here to capture some beautiful pictures. We went to a market to pick the food for our dinner. The squeamishness in you definitely comes out in you when walking through a Chinese meat and veg market. Animals and market sellers aren’t necessarily FDA regulated so seeing dogs being boiled in water alive and 12 chickens in a tiny cage is pretty normal. At first your immediate reaction is disgust and almost hatred towards the animals captures for being so cruel. However the more you think about it these people are not educated in these sorts of issues and especially the young Chinese people will admit that. You also have to remember where you are in the world, people do not have the luxury of popping down to a local supermarket and buying ready packaged chicken. With a country of 1.25 billion hungry people the way food is sourced seems irrelevant as long as there is food to source.

I tried a couple of items of street food here, one was a sweet potato frita..thing that was really tasty. Street food is the way forward here, the potato cost me 10p and I also tried sugar cane for the first time also, a huge chunk of it that I couldn’t finish also costing 10p. We got a lift to the more remote area of the village where Sallys mum currently lives and we had tea and snacks. Most tea snacks in China are monkey nuts, little oranges and a grapefruit like fruit which I cannot remember the name of.

After Tea we had dinner at Sallys auntie and uncles house. We all demolished the delicious feast fed to us whilst a terrific Storm bellowed in the background, the sky flashing like a luminous beam.

We had an early night after watching the football at a local bar as our 25 hour train to Chengu was leaving tomorrow and we had to be up for 9.


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