Koh Phangan

After spending an exhausting day sitting in the relentless Bangkok humidity it was time to leave the capital and head southwards towards the sizzling islands of Thailand. Before we could enjoy the white sanded beaches we had to endure an overnight bus journey to Surat Thani. Initially, I was ecstatic to catch sight of the comfortable looking double decker coach that would be taking us. I would of paid a significant amount of money to be able to of gone to sleep at this point, I don’t like travelling on coaches in Thailand, the drivers are too erratic and fast for me so when the people behind us loudly cracked open a bottle of whisky and starting snorting crushed Valium I knew my sleep would have to be put on hold, not feeling like a Partyman that night. From 8pm to 5am I probably slept for about 1 hour in total so when we were shunned off of the bus at 5am I was in a deep, hazy state of conciousness. We were ushered to a second bus that transported us to the Raja ferry port which would sail us from Donsak to one of the 40 islands that make up the Samui Archipelago, Phangan. Koh Phangan has always been a beautiful and spiritual place for the Thai people but more commonly known by westerners as the home of the full moon party.

After around 2 and a half hours on the ferry we arrived at Thongsala where a taxi took us to our hostel called ‘Tree Chart Hostel’. A nightmare ensued when a girl I am travelling with had put our money for the hostel (£100) in her big bag in the luggage compartment of the coach. Unfortunately during our journey I presume some children had crawled through the chamber and stolen our money out of her bag. It was a shame but at the end of the day it could have been a lot worse. It just goes to show that no matter where you are there is always trouble in paradise. Even though we were starving we thought to ourselves Breakfast Can Wait, let’s head to the beach and relax. We met up with some girls from Cambridge and shared a taxi to Mae Haad beach. I hadn’t taken my phone with me so I have no pictures to upload so I can only describe the overwhelming feeling of the Soft and Wet white sand, crystal clear water shimmering like Diamonds and Pearls, and tropical islands that loomed in the distance and how amazing it felt to be there with Georgia, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. I had been waiting for this day for months to be by the sea and I could not of been happier. In the evening we got to know some of the amazing hostel staff as well as spending the night drinking with a couple of German guys and a couple from Manchester. Let’s go Crazy!

The next morning we headed to a more local beach, about a 15 minute walk away from our hostel, passing by aggressive looking dogs and guesthouse upon guesthouse. It is hard to fill the gaps in a blog post when describing spending the day at a exotic beach as I would hate my readers to feel at all jealous. That night was the night of the full moon party. We spent the evening face painting ourselves, drinking bottles of 35% white rum which cost £1.50 a bottle and playing an awesome German drinking game called flunkyball. You place a half full bottle of water in the middle of a playing field. On either side of the bottle are teams of equal number. The aim is to throw a smallish object (in our case a flip flop) at the bottle, if you hit the bottle your team had to drink their drinks as fast as they could, whilst the other team had to run to the bottle, pick it up and run back at which point the other team stopped drinking. The winning team would be the team that hit the bottle in a successive manor and could finish their drinks before the other team. It was great fun and before we knew it it was time to drive to the full moon party. After arriving we were greeted by the hectic lunar celebration that encompassed the whole of the Haad Rin beach. Whilst there the only thing that was running through my mind was how much I wished I could of gone to a full moon party in the late 80’s through to the 90’s. Somehow I can’t imagine people back then would charge you 50p to go to the toilet, like Theives In The Temple or play insufferable EDM remixes of Majestic chill wave tracks. I would of preferred the music our hostel regularly played at the party, at least there was a bit of variety from tech house to cloud rap and from Italo disco to dancehall. Regardless it was worth going to but I wouldn’t go again. At the end of the day it is just a bunch of drunk westerners dancing badly on some sand, Pop Life.

The following day, after getting to bed in the early morning we had a deserved lie in. We spent the remainder of the afternoon swimming in the sea and sweating out the toxins we had so selfishly inebriated ourselves with the night before. That night we wanted to take a break from Thai food, we had heard rumours that lingering in the jungle lay an English pub called the Masons Arms. In any case it was St Georges Day and it only felt right that we celebrate it by spending the evening eating traditional English food and drinking Indian and Dutch beer. I felt quite delirious being in an English pub in Thailand, it did make me miss home slightly.

It is my upmost regret that the rest of my time in Kho Phangan was uneventful as I spent all of my time near or on the toilet. I’m not sure what I ate but me Georgia and the girl we’re travelling with all feel ill which was a shame but it was going to happen at some point.

It is worth mentioning that during my stay in Phangan one of my music idols passed away. Prince astonished me with records such as ‘Raspberry Beret, Exotic City and When Doves Cry’. Kudos to anyone who spotted other tracks recorded by Prince hidden in this blog post. It was a sad, sad day for music and if someone ever asks me where I was when Prince died I will always remember and tell them ‘I was on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.’


One thought on “Koh Phangan

  1. Ahh that was lovely, especially the prince line about my G, although bit disappointed that you missed one of my favourite, ‘you sexy MF’ love you both xxxx

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