Nha Trang 

Without sounding like an ungrateful and pessimistic twonk (I can already feel myself sounding exactly like this) I am getting slightly irked by the relentlessness of Vietnamese bus travel. We organised a bus trip from Hoi An to Nha Trang, an 11 hour journey with our hostel which cost $12 each (about £8) which is a good price. However as we boarded the bus on the outskirts of Hoi An we soon came to realise our bus had no air conditioning and no toilet. These amenities go hand in hand in a very crucial way when travelling in a humid climate. No air conditioning means that your quench of thirst is heightened 5 fold, as well as the amount you sweat. it is evident that you will need the toilet at some point in the journey. Not realising there was not a toilet facility on the bus, Georgia and I drunk a litre and a half bottle of water between us before we left to keep ourselves hydrated. Big mistake. We were not much more than an hour in our journey when the inevitable happened. The undesirable desperation of needing a colossal pee on a bumpy bus ride. Clenching my teeth (and my bladder) I somehow held on before we stopped to pick up more passengers a further one hour later. You may ask why I didn’t just ask the driver to stop somewhere for me. Asking bus drivers to stop to go for an undesignated toilet break is like trying to persuade Jeremy Hunt to use his brain, virtually an impossible quest. I will never make the mistake of not checking if my bus has or has not got a toilet next time as I fear I have probably done my bladder permanent damage. Surprisingly, the rest of the journey went by in a flash. At 5am, to my bewilderment we had arrived at our destination a full 2 hours ahead of schedule. We had made it to the beach capital of Vietnam, Nha Trang. As the sun began to rise over the high rise hotels we clambered our belongings to the beach, which we were able to detect as being West of us due to the amount of early birds in their swimming costumes walking in that direction. As we made our way it was clearly evident this town was a resort for rich Russian businessmen. Every shop advertised in Russian, restaurants were described as ‘Pectopahs’ which is restaurant in Russian and the distinctive language was to be seen everywhere. It then hit me that each stride we took we were passing Russian after Russian. To the point where they were outnumbering locals which I found bizarre. Hereafter we approached the tropical, luxurious Nha Trang beach. A seemingly endless stretch of soft, golden sand with sun loungers and pop up bars scattered randomly mere metres from the shore. The calm ocean of a typical summer morning radiated peace and harmony throughout the area, whilst bullying mountains on a distant island clutched the sun above its peak, wanting to retain its effortless delicacy forever. Scanning the surroundings men and women of all size, shape and age utilised the warm morning by accomplishing a decent amount of exercise. Everywhere you looked women were dancing to upbeat music, whilst small crowds of men stretched and gossiped ready for a before breakfast jog. A feeling of community and its health conscious members circulated the area in a happy society fashion. Gazing into the omnipotent sun we sat and enjoyed an early breakfast which included a Vietnamese coffee,Spanish omelette and a coconut, mango and pineapple smoothie.

I hadn’t eaten in 15 hours after all. By 9am, after a 4 hour wait we were able to check into our hotel which was an insignificant 200 metres from the beach, if that. The spacious room was reminiscent of a hotel, with flat screen TV, our own fridge and en suite bathroom. Shortly after we headed back towards the beach where we hired out a sun lounger, enjoyed the sun and started my new book, my 7th since leaving England. The book; The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver. As the mid afternoon sun started to cool and I had a satisfactory amount of time in the sea we headed back to nap and shower before going out for dinner. We eat at a place called Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant which was apparently the best Vietnamese restaurant in town. The spices, chilli and herbs used in the food has promoted its status as my favourite type of food to eat. A couple of beers at a select few bars went down a treat before we headed back to our hotel early. Surviving off of 3-4 hours sleep in about 40 hours I crashed and was snoring by about 9:30pm.

We spent the following 2 days relaxing mostly by the beach, reading, swimming in the sea and relaxing. We did however go to a beautiful Pagoda and a fantastic Catholic Church that was beautiful In every aspect. This morning we are travelling to Mui Ne.


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