Top 5  FREE* activities in Mui Ne 

Mui Ne is fast becoming one of Vietnams most sought after holiday resort destinations, rivalling Nha Trang and Danang. Other than the expected 5 star hotels and boutique cafes and restaurants, Mui Ne has a lot more to offer in terms of landscape and outdoor activities. Here are my 5 favourite things to do in this beautiful resort town.

  1. White Sand dunes at sunrise

Around 30km outside of Mui Ne town are th famous white sand dunes. The easiest way to get here is via an organised tour with your hostel which usually cost between 60-100,000VND. Once your there you have to pay a minor 10,000VND (30p) entrance fee, so it’s virtually nothing*. The dunes are an astounding natural wonder that can be explored either on foot or by renting a quad bike for about 300,000VND for 20 minutes. I would recommend going at 5am to see the sun rise over the mountains of sand, which is also the coolest part of the day.

2.Red sand dunes at sunset
Closer to Mui Nei than the White Sand dunes, you can find the red version about 10km away which again is accessible via a tour or taxi. There is no entrance fee for this excursion but be prepared to be hassled by heaps of children selling sledges for you to slide down and surf the dunes! I paid 20,000 VND for a slide to use for as long as I wanted which is a fair deal. The red sand and the sunset go hand in hand together, brightening up the dunes in a crimson aura which is second to none for worldly photographs.

3. Fairy Stream

Just outside Mui Ne is the mystic Fairy Stream. Take your shoes off and walk in the soothing sand along a stream of flowing water. On your path you will experience sand mountains, waterfalls and even some lazy cows enjoying the sun. This is a great free excursion that eill occupy you for a couple of hours. However I would recommend going in the early morning or late afternoon as there is very little opportunity for shade. However, at the beginning and the end of the small trek there are some great places to grab a coconut and watch the tourists enjoy their day out.

4. Mui Ne Beach

What more can you wish for when staying in a resort town other than a georgeous beach to relax and enjoy all day and into the early evening. With soft sand and crashing waves it is a perfect place to catch up on some reading and to surf the waves! There are some surfing schools on the beach that charge a small fortune for surfing lessons. (10 hours = $470) However, if you’re like me and would rather spend your money on food and beer there are also many options available on the sea front.

5. Mui Ne harbour, last but definitely not least this is a perfect spot to grab lunch, have a picnic or just people watch. The local fisherman fish different seafoods at different times of the day so you’ll always see some activity on the shore no matter what time you go. This is another great free activity which everyone will enjoy and appreciate.


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