Top 10 Essential Travel Apps

I haven’t been able to live the past 4 months of travelling without these 10 apps helping me along the way, and you shouldn’t have to either.

  1. Air Bnb– In my own experience I would be struggling financially without the almighty Airbnb. Travelling through places like Japan, America and Canada is great, but the prices of accommodation can turn your  time there into more of a headache rather than a cultural experience. Even dorms and cheap motels are more expensive than decent Air Bnb listings. Also when you stay in people’s homes in most cases you can use their kitchen to make cheap meals, use laundry services and use bicycles for free which reduces expenditure aswell. 
  2. Trip Advisor – although I think that a lot of the listings Trip Advisor are out of date and quite biased, it is definitely a good indicator of what there is to do in any given city. Aswell as places to eat and sleep it is a good tool to enable you to utilise your travelling experience rather than wondering around aimlessly trying to find something fun to do. 
  3. Google Maps – if it wasn’t for Google maps I would probably still be in Moscow. Using GPS you are able to view in real time where you are anywhere in the world – and how close your destination is. The best part being that it doesn’t use up any precious (and expensive) data usage. 
  4. Couch Surfing– a proper budget travellers guide to roughing it. You are able to sleep anywhere in the world for free providing you ask enough people and create a good profile for yourself. 
  5. Skyscanner – sky scanner is most famous for finding the cheapest flights between locations. But it is also great for finding cheap, last minute hotels for when you haven’t booked anywhere in advance. I have been quoted flights for £160 my travel agents only to go on Skyscammer and find them for £50. 
  6. Google Translate – if you’re travelling for an extended period of time it usually means your going to lots of different countries too. It would be fair to say that the majority of us probably don’t know enough Russian or Malay to bargain for goods or ask for a hotel room. I think it is not only polite but respectful to at least learn the basics to get by and this app is a good tool to do that. Below is my most common search entry for each language. 
  7. XE– the worlds most famous currency exchange tool. You are able navigate it real time how much your £1 coin is worth around the world. It is a good indicator of how much money to withdraw from an ATM. 
  8. Betternet– this app I have only used in China. Wanting to message friends it Facebook or watch a YouTube clip but the government of the country your visiting is blocking you from doing so? No worries. Betternet is here to help by re-routing your VPN to a country where the websites you’re wanting to visit are not banned, usually the States or Dubai. 
  9. Ctrip– I used Ctrip mainly in China but it can be used all over Asia too. It allows you to book train tickets and travel plans on the go (Which is notoriously hard to do in person in China). They always  allow you to book the same tickets as locals meaning you won’t get ripped off my travel agencies. 
  10.  Rome2Rio– last but definitely not least. Rome2Rio is my favourite travel app. It allows me to decide how to get from place to place at the cheapest price. Whether it be catching a ferry, hopping on a train or flying 30,000 feet in the air. I know confidently that I am travelling for as little as possible wherever I go. 

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