37 books in 37 weeks

As the First half of my trip approaches tomorrow, one of my main objectives was to read one book a week during my journey. Not only do I think that travel broadens the mind in ways that are unique only to travel, but I also think that reading books on a wide variety of topics is also imperative in becoming more learned. Unfortunately throughout my entire 2 month trip of China I did not read one single book as I was either exploring or sleeping. So, allocating time in South East Asia for relaxing and rest I have started to pick up the pace on book reading. I decided to do this post as an online list that I will regularly update to not only make sure I reach my objective of reading a book a week but to also give any readers an opportunity to recommend any great books I might not be aware of. I might add that all of the books I have read have been free for me to read as I swap books in book exchanges.  

  1. Graham Hancock – Fingerprints Of The Gods
  2. Michael Herr – Dispatches
  3. Oscar Wilde – The Picture Of Dorion Grey
  4. Aravind Adiga – The White Tiger 
  5. Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code
  6. Dan Brown – Angels and Demons
  7. Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol
  8. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu – The First Ten Years of Suan Mokkh
  9. Loung Ung – First They Killed My Father
  10. Jeffrey Deaver – The Bone Collecter 
  11. W. Joseph Campbell – Getting It Wrong
  12. Deborah Rodriguez – The Little Coffee Shop In Kabul
  13. Paul Coelho – The Alchemist
  14. Ori & Rom Brafman – Sway
  15. John Steinbeck – Sweet Thursday
  16. Sebastian Faulks – Birdsong
  17. Rolf Dobelli – The Art of Thinking Clearly
  18. Betty Bethards – Seven Steps To Developing Your Intuitive Powers
  19. Watchtower – Mankinds Search for God
  20. Michael Freeman and Claude Jacques – Ancient Angkor
  21. Leslie Chang – Factory Girls

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