A Gallery for the Week

This week I decided to feature a photo gallery of pictures that has been taken by myself and Alexia, an awesome photographer, fellow Volunteer and great friend. Most of the pictures can be credited to Alexia.

Staff celebrating Hari Raya

Watching the sunset listening to the call of prayer

Mounting the limestone rock


Dusk settles over Banting

Life on the edge: diving platform


Bengali Cuisine in KLCC

Sugar High

Damp Underground


Late Night Traffic

Infinity Pool

Daylight view of KL

Petronas Towers in the distance


Midnight at Regalia

What a view

Infinity Pool Selfie

Family Portrait (Minus Helene)

Choking Hazard

That’s one big Jackfruit

The Morning After

What are we doing?

Helene running the Diving Competition

The Evil Durian

Lifeguard in the making?

Where are the rafts?

Orchid Chalet

Crystal Pools


Should I?

Sniffing anxiously

Row your boat

Fish Eye

Do you dare?

Euphoria Awaits

Giving a helping hand

Anticipating odour

Cutting ‘King of the Fruits’

Juice Bar under construction


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