For some unknown reason last night I only managed to sleep from 5:30am to 7:30am getting a mere 2 hours sleep! I think the previous day’s exploration of Shibuya had quite literally given me a sensory overload. This meant that we had to slightly alter the layout for our day. Originally we were going to go to Shinjuku but decided that due to my fatigue we should go somewhere a bit more relaxing and leave Shinjuku for another day. So, we chose Odaiba. Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay that is linked to Tokyo via the Rainbow Bridge. The island itself is an entertainment and amusement hub which has loads to offer. 

How to get to Odaiba: Odaiba is linked exclusively via the Yurikamome Line which runs from Shimbashi Station in Minato. Tickets are more expensive to get to Odaiba compared to the rest of the city. An example is Shimbashi to Daiba station being ¥320. To get to Shinbashi station hop onto the Asakusa or Ginza Line.

Even though I hate them more than anything and I usually refuse to go into them, we ventured into Aqua City, a shopping mall to buy some essentials aswell as to have a look at some really cool shops.

Aqua City Mall

Within the Mall we found the best shop in Japan for souvenirs! As many readers know shopping in Japan is not cheap but it is the place where people usually want souvenirs from! At this point I introduce Daiso. If you’re from England you will understand when I say that Daiso is a hybrid of Primark and Wilkinsons, a hunting ground for bargains!


As we were leaving the mall to get some lunch I said to Georgia ‘I’m going to ask the woman at the desk for a map of Odaiba’. You should of seen the fright on my face when I realised the woman was a robot!

Robot giving out Information
Getting around Odaiba: The majority of the main attractions In Odaiba are pretty close to one another and within walking distance. However a free shuttle bus does zoom around the Island and can be found at the exit to Aqua city mall on the ground level.

Free Shuttle Bus

We walked in the scorching sun to a viewing platform showcasing the Midtowm skyline of Minato, a business hub of Tokyo. In the distance you can see the famous Rainbow suspension bridge that links Odaiba with Tokyo.

Georgia attempting to keep her hat on
Statue of Liberty given to Japan by France as an acknowledgement of their friendship
Lunch with a view at Odaiba beach

After lunch we headed to Fuji Televison. A unique attraction which is home to the studios of Japan’s favourite TV shows.
Outside FujiTV

There are three options on how much money you spend when going to FujiTV.

  1. Free – Access to Rooftop Garden, a couple of theatre malls presented by PlayStation and a few restaurants and Japanese Tv shops.

Playstation VR
2.  ¥750 (The option we chose) – Access to all of the above but also access to Hachitama observation deck, One Piece Film Gold Festival Picture Gallery and Mezamashi TV Minature Gallery. Within the observation deck there are also loads of bizarre games and interactions you can do at an extra cost. If I knew more about Japanese TV I would probably have understood it more!

View from Observation Deck
Run for Money TV set
Minature Food!

3. ¥2000 – you have access to all of the above as well as a close by theme park.

From FujiTV we walked through another mall and reached Pallette Town, another entertainment district.

Palette Town

Within Palette Town are several decent attraction for kids including the Ferris Wheel, Legoland Tokyo and Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo. However, the most exciting part for me was the colossal floor of brightly coloured arcade games!

Georgia trying to figure out how to wrestle the Sumo

Strolling back to Odaiba beach we caught the sunset and enjoyed the view of a lifetime;

Rainbow Bridge

On the hunt for dinner with a view we found the perfect place. What a sight this is –

Beauty in one picture!
Aubergine Doria

Odaiba is not the sort place I would necessarily visit again but it was a magical day I will never forget.

Goodbye Odaiba, tomorrow I visit Chiyoda and Akihabara!

Statue of Liberty at night


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