Central Park

On our penultimate day in NYC we decided to see the most visited attraction in the whole city and a. location that has featured in a popular Hollywood film.

Firstly, we caught the subway to 72nd street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Walking up the high street we were reminded of our visit to Greenwich Village which looked fairly similar to this neighbourhood. When we finished looking at all the shops on the high street on W 86th street we turned back on ourselves and headed East on W 77th street. Around the corner we were greeted by the elegance of the American Museum of Natural History. Entry to the museum costs $17 for a student and $22 for an adult, although that is a suggested donation. Appearing in the classic Night at the Museum with the unfortunate casting of Ben Stiller the 45 halls of worldly exhibitions on mammals, birds, sea creatures, people, biodiversity, culture and science was almost familiar as we encountered many showcases that had featured in the film. Including Teddy Roosevelt, the minutes Native American and cowboy figurines (played by Owen Wilson) the moose,
African elephants and that cheeky monkey. Unfortunately buba the Easter Island head was off limits on the day we visited. The museum was so big we spent about 5 hours in there looking around which took up a god portion of our day, it is worth a visit for sure!

Chilling with a true hero – Teddy Roosevelt
American Museum of Natural History
Great Poem

Exiting the building we walked directly into Central Park, the most visited landmark in the city. We were lucky that we decided to explore the park on such a beautiful day. It is everything and more. Again featuring in loads of films; Cloverfield, Home Alone, Sex in the City and Music and Lyrics. The stone bridges dotted around the park are glorious to walk under with the odd musician playing violins or clarinets for their own personal enjoyment rather than for money. 

Some notable attractions to visit in Central Park are Strawberry Fields, a memorial to John Lennon who was shot and killed nearby. 

John Lennon Memorial

Close by is also Bethseda Terrace and Fountains, a picturesque area popular with street performers, musicians and artists. However, the best of Central Park is the people watching. You will encounter people from every walk of life possible doing what New Yorkers do best, being a New Yorker.

Playing the Violin

Bethseda Foundtain

As the sun began to set we headed back to our apartment in Bushwick and went for some food and drinks into the late night whilst watching the first debate of the presidential campaign between Trump and Clinton.

Eats and Pints

We actually had quite a bit of vendor food today in and around Central Park including a Pretzel and a Hot Dog.

Eating a pretzel in Central Park

The only meal we had out was at Industry 1332 in Bushwick which although slightly out of the way of everything is a cheap alternative to eating out with its menu mainly consisting of Mexican food at an affordable price.

For New York it’s draught beer options are really good for a reasonable price too. The barmaid also gave us a free drink after our fifth pint. For dinner and about 8 pints (including tax and tip) I only paid about $65. Bargain


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