DUMBO, Brooklyn

On our final day in New York we decided to explore another neighbourhood in the NYC borough of Brooklyn, DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpasses). If anyone has watched the new film ‘The Intern’ with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, Hathaways characters business is set in DUMBO.

Exiting the subway station at either Adam Steeet or High Street immediately you wonder if you really are still in New York. Unlike any other borough in New York, DUMBO has central cobblestone streets giving it a European-olde English feel, which compared to Times Square is certainly different. The actual DUMBO vicinity is pretty small being made up of a couple of main streets. However, apart from the vintage clothing stores, bakeries, art galleries and independent (expensive) book shops the main reason people come to this part of Brooklyn is the view.

I Love NY

 If you walk through Main Street you will be greeted by the spectacular view of Downtown Manhattan across the Hudson River, with the Brooklyn Bridge to the left of you, Manhattan Bridge to the right and in the distance the Williamsburg Bridge. Installed along the river bank is a fantastic photography exhibition called ‘Water Stories’. It exhibits the transformation of natural reservations and areas in countries across the world including; Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and the U.S. The photographs depict the influence mass fishing and industrialisation in these areas are effecting local water sources and what impact it’s having on the local people. 

Water Stories Exhibition

In DUMBO there are so many picture opportunities but my favourite spot is in the ‘Main Street Park’ with the river splashing autonomously against the sharp rocks embedded in the bank, it makes for a unique experience of viewing the largest city in the United States. 

Brooklyn Bridge
Main Street Park view

Once you’ve taken enough pictures you can make your way back on yourself to the Brooklyn Civic Center near the Walt Whitman Park to start your 40 minute walk across the famous, brick-layered Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. I’ve never understood why people walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn as the view going into Manhattan is so much more impressive!

Brooklyn Bridge
View of the famous ‘Two Bridges’ area of Lower Manhattan

Once you’ve arrived in Manhattan you’ll be at the heart of the civic centre and Financial District from there you can visit a lot of Tourist attractions, we went back to Little Italy about a 20 minute walk away to get a big fat cannoli.


Front Street Pizza on Front Street in DUMBO offers amazingly cheap Italian food mainly comprising of Pizza, Calzones and other bread based foods.

Calzone & Spinach and Mozerella Bake

Robertas Pizza on Moore Street in Buckwick is locally notorious for serving some of the best pizza in Brooklyn. Take the L train to Morgan Avenue and it’s a 2 minute walk away. The place is covered in graffiti and from the outside you would assume it had been shut for the past decade. The food in there was a little pricey but epic.


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