Five things to see in Boston, MA – other than the Freedom Trail

If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay in Boston for a couple of days during a visit I would highly recommend the following activities. Some are free, some donation based and one expensive activity. 

Boston Tea Party Experience – $26 – Rather than being just a boring museum about the events that led up to the American Revolution, this interactive experience throws you into the midst of the 18th century with live characters of the past acting out the event of the Boston Tea Party with guests of the museum getting involved with the commentary! You also act out the throwing of the tea from the boat aswell as being able to watch a movie which demonstrates the night that Paul Revere carried out his midnight ride. Afterwards you are able to try 5 different teas that were on the ship of the night of the Boston Tea Party that were through over board. Overall I would allocate about 2 hours of your time for this. 

Reinacting the Boston Tea Party

Sam Adams Brewery – $2 No, I didn’t make a typo with the price of the Sam Adams Brewery tour. You are able to take a guided tour of the small brewery and learn the history of the building, how beer is made here aswell as being able to taste 3 different beers and keep the glass you drink from. All in all the tour lasts about an hour. The best bit is that the $2 you donate gets spread out between 3 local charities. What a fantastic company.

Free Beer!

Black Heritage Trail – FREE Okay- I must admit, this trail is no way near as fun as the freedom trail but it is still worth going on- just make sure to bring information with you about the sites you see as although the trail is sign posted, no information is given at any of the sites. The trail takes you on a journey to famous abolishionsts houses, black revolutionaries homes, schools and the African American Museum of Black Heritage which asks for a $20 donation. I wouldn’t normally say this but don’t pay the $20 donation. The museum is tiny and can be see within 15-20 minutes. I donated $10 and that was more than enough.

Museum of African American History Plaque

North End – FREE. This is Bostons ‘Little Italy’, except that it’s not that little at all, it’s actually the biggest ‘Little Italy’ I’ve been to. All around the North End you will be tempted by the smell pastry and pizza. There are so many restaurants and bakeries here but not too many bars. It’s wonderful to walk around though and can be visited on more than one occasion during your stay, especially if you like Italian food!


Beacon Hill – FREE. This beautiful area of Boston can be encountered on the Black Heritage trail but you must not rush this part of town by doing the trail too quick. The area is comparable to New York’s West Village. Bountiful trees line the pavements on each street of the neighbourhood. The majority of the boutique and speciality shops have their business names written in gold on a black platform, which looks so elegant on the red brick buildings. There is not a dunkin donuts or Starbucks in sight which is unusual compared to the rest of Boston. This idealic spot is great for grabbing a coffee or going for brunch. I guarantee you will be jealous of the people who live here!


Please comment if you have any other ideas of what can be seen in Boston for free or for a fixed price!


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