Walking Midtown, New York

Exploring Midtown, New York if not planned properly would be a catastrophic nightmare where you would repeatedly, unintentionally end up back at the same spot a dozen times if you’re not paying attention. Being a semi-seasoned traveller I figured out a way to be able to cover as much ground as possible, as efficiently as possible using a time constraint of just one day. As … Continue reading Walking Midtown, New York

How to Climb Mt. Fuji

On the 19th August 2016 I reached the summit of Mt. Fuji for the first time, achieving one of my lifelong goals. If you haven’t already climbed it this year then you best hurry as the season for novice hikers ceases on the 10th September, you have 2 weeks!  On the morning of the climb we were instructed that we needed to get to the … Continue reading How to Climb Mt. Fuji

Cycling around the lakes of Mt. Fuji

Getting from Kyoto to our Air Bnb in Narasawa, near Mt. Fuji was anything but easy. We had to make four changes in total, having to exit and re-enter the station after needing to buy a new ticket each time. If we had bought a Japan Rail Pass we wouldn’t of needed to worry about that, and we would of saved a fortune! Lesson learned. … Continue reading Cycling around the lakes of Mt. Fuji

Why volunteering abroad is so valuable for your career and why you shouldn’t think so highly of yourself for doing itΒ 

Today is Friday the 29th July 2016. On Monday myself and Georgia will be flying to Tokyo and our 5 week adventure in Malaysia would have come to an end. Experiences like this pang for reflection and today whilst helping to make some benches in the 32 degree sun I have achieved just that. I have been thinking about the lessons I have learnt during … Continue reading Why volunteering abroad is so valuable for your career and why you shouldn’t think so highly of yourself for doing itΒ 

37 books in 37 weeks

As the First half of my trip approaches tomorrow, one of my main objectives was to read one book a week during my journey. Not only do I think that travel broadens the mind in ways that are unique only to travel, but I also think that reading books on a wide variety of topics is also imperative in becoming more learned. Unfortunately throughout my … Continue reading 37 books in 37 weeks

Beijing: Take Two

Public transport is becoming more and more easy to handle as each journey passes. Back home I dread having to catch a 40 minute train to Bristol or travelling 3 hours in a car to Cornwall, whereas now if I know we’re travelling 8 hours I instinctly reassure myself that the journey will fly by. On this occasion our journey from Zhengzhou train station to … Continue reading Beijing: Take Two