Five things to see in Boston, MA – other than the Freedom Trail

If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay in Boston for a couple of days during a visit I would highly recommend the following activities. Some are free, some donation based and one expensive activity.  Boston Tea Party Experience – $26 – Rather than being just a boring museum about the events that led up to the American Revolution, this interactive experience throws you … Continue reading Five things to see in Boston, MA – other than the Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail

*Sods Law is the description of an event occurring that predictablely goes against your preferred outcome. An example of this is your iPhone breaking the day before you were about to do your most anticipated tourist attraction in North America. This means that during our tour of Bostons internationally known ‘Freedom Trail’ I had to take all pictures on my camera of which I cannot … Continue reading The Freedom Trail

Central Park

On our penultimate day in NYC we decided to see the most visited attraction in the whole city and a. location that has featured in a popular Hollywood film. Sights Firstly, we caught the subway to 72nd street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Walking up the high street we were reminded of our visit to Greenwich Village which looked fairly similar to this … Continue reading Central Park

West to East Village (and beyond), New York

On our third day in New York we decided that a good way to cover a lot of ground would be to walk from one side of the Island to the other, from West to East. Once you’re in Manhattan you realise how surprisingly manageable it is to walk around as the street names are easy to navigate. Sites. We began our journey by taking … Continue reading West to East Village (and beyond), New York

New York, New York

Our last day in California, Georgia and I shamefully spent it doing absolutely nothing apart from watching films and drinking tea. We figured by this point that we had seen everything there is to see in the vicinity of Marin, plus every dollar saved here is a dollar to be spent in New York City. Getting to San Francisco Airport was easy, staying in Marin … Continue reading New York, New York

Getting cultured in Central Kyoto

Even after 6 months of travelling I am still suprised every single day about the cultural revelations and insights into different societies that I have. Today was no exception as I completely understood something that has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries that I previously dismissed as something merely for ‘nerds’. On to more of that later. So today was a day of … Continue reading Getting cultured in Central Kyoto