Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is one of the most expensive areas to live in Brooklyn and New York. The 2 main streets that we walked down are Bedford Ave and Grand Ave. There seemed to be more bars on these streets than people, along with a wide selection of international cuisine. There were heaps of street vendors selling car boot goods, to clothes, to collectsables, with antique and … Continue reading Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The City of Angels

Three weeks ago, our 12 hour duration flight from Taipei to Los Angeles was not one I particularly enjoyed. With only a couple hours of sleep under our belt we were tired, confused and jet lagged, after a 15 hour time difference. After a complicated journey from the airport to our apartment we finally began to relax. We were staying in the prestigious Hollywood Heights … Continue reading The City of Angels

South Kyoto (Rakunan)

Rakunan houses some of the cities finest temples, parks, shrines, gardens and restaurants. There are also a selection of mountains for any adventurers out there who love a good hike to climb. This is a location in the city to go when the weather is good and the temperature cool as the amount of outdoor activities to do is as remarkable as the ancient architecture … Continue reading South Kyoto (Rakunan)