Migrating through Lower Manhattan

On our second day in New York after a solid nights sleep we thought we would continue with following the footsteps of the immigrants who migrated to New York by visiting a variety of Manhattans famous multicultural neighbourhoods. Sights We got the subway from Union Turnpike in Queens to Chamber street in Lower Manhattan. As we exited we walked past Foley Park and turned right … Continue reading Migrating through Lower Manhattan

New York, New York

Our last day in California, Georgia and I shamefully spent it doing absolutely nothing apart from watching films and drinking tea. We figured by this point that we had seen everything there is to see in the vicinity of Marin, plus every dollar saved here is a dollar to be spent in New York City. Getting to San Francisco Airport was easy, staying in Marin … Continue reading New York, New York

Why you should avoid LA and head to Long Beach

Long Beach back in the 80’s and 90’s used to be a commonplace for criminal activity in dicey neighbourhoods. Now, the up and coming city within LA county offers much more than one would initially expect. LA with its tall skyscrapers, areas of mass urbanisation coincided with a paradoxical amount of homelessness is a place worth visiting for sure. Maybe for a day or so? … Continue reading Why you should avoid LA and head to Long Beach

The City of Angels

Three weeks ago, our 12 hour duration flight from Taipei to Los Angeles was not one I particularly enjoyed. With only a couple hours of sleep under our belt we were tired, confused and jet lagged, after a 15 hour time difference. After a complicated journey from the airport to our apartment we finally began to relax. We were staying in the prestigious Hollywood Heights … Continue reading The City of Angels

Exploring more of San Francisco

This morning we woke up and got the free shuttle bus to Larkspur ferry terminal. The $11 ride was more entertaining than the night time excursion as we got to see a variety of different sites on the journey. First we saw San Quentin prison, home to the infamous cult leader Charles Manson, if you look closely at the picture below you can see the … Continue reading Exploring more of San Francisco