Tips on Visiting Taiwan

Local Tips

  • When using buses make sure that before you get on you see whether you’ll be charged when you get on or when you get off the bus.
  • As with most other Asian countries beware of motorbikes on pavements, they are often silent and pretty dangerous.
  • Unlike in China, Taiwan is strict on smoking indoors. It is prohibited.
  • If you need cosmetics/ make up go to a standard pharmacy or drug store. The quality and affordability of skincare products in Taiwan is good and cheap.
  • If you want to send a post card all post offices and post convenience stores sell them.

Basic Mandarin

Hello –  你好 – Nǐ hǎo

How much is this? – 多少?- Duōshǎo?

Goodbye – 再见 – Zàijiàn

Thank you – 谢谢 – Xièxiè

Where is the toilet? – 洗手间在哪?- Xǐshǒujiān zài nǎ?

Please – 请 – Qǐng

Sorry – 抱歉 – Bàoqiàn

Yes/No 是/没有 Shi/bu

I don’t understand – 我不明白 – bù míngbái

One beer please – 請來一杯啤酒 – Qǐng lái yībēi píjiǔ



Taipei like the majority of Asian capital cities has a vast metro transport network which is very easy to navigate around. Known as the MRT the 5 conveniently numbered lines go all around the city and even to the airport. Prices vary on destination, but the best thing about Taipeis clean, efficient metro is that there are toilets at every stop, charging services, Wifi, Newspapers (Upaper), tourist information points and an APP to help you with any enquires you may have – all for free.

If you plan on escaping the buzz of the city you can also access the following destinations via metro lines and bus connections;

  • Beitou – Take MRT line 2 to Beitou station and then transfer to a spur train to Xinbeitou station.
  • Pingxi – Take the MRT line 1 to Muzha station and get the bus transfer 1076 to Pingxi.
  • Jiufen – Catch the MRT line 1 to Zhongxiao Fuxing station, take exit 1 and transfer to bus 1062 to Jiufen Old Street Station.
  • Tamsui – Tamsui is the last stop on MRT line 2.

Culture Shock

Convenience Stores

Phone Cards



Business Hours

Exchange Rates

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